Finding the standard size of your trading account

Very few traders pay attention to the size of their trading account. In most cases, the traders are biased in favor of leverage and they are enjoying the high-risk trading environment. But leverage is only for the expert Singaporean traders who know the risk management policy from the core. They often find it hard to manage the leverage trading account. The best practice is to use 1:10 leverage (maximum) while trading the real market. You can say that without using the leverage, you won’t be able to support your family. Well, it depends on the size of your account. If you invest $1000, it’s very obvious you are not going to make a significant profit from this market.

This content is not going to be like a traditional article. We are going to give you some key metrics that will allow you to manage the risk in trading. Most importantly, it will help you to find the amount of money which you must have to live your life with trading business.

Your family needs

First of all identity your family needs. Calculate the basic costs of your family life so that you know the minimum amount of money you need to make per month. In most cases, rookies don’t believe in such an approach. They become fairly aggressive with the trading method and try to earn money without having any goal. But such things are not going to work. This is not how the professionals place their trade in real life. They have specific sets of goals and for this reason, they can make a decent profit from this market. Being a new trader in the Forex market, it will be tough to trade with goals. Without developing these skills, you won’t be able to know the amount of money which you must invest in trading.

Depends on your win rate

The success rate of retail traders in the exchange traded funds greatly varies. You have to know your success rate by using the demo account. Those who have a high success rate can effectively use leverage. So, they will require a small amount of money. On the contrary, those who don’t have a high success rate must trade with a low leverage account. For them, leverage is like a time bomb. They will never know when it costs them a fortune. So, work hard on your trading strategy so that you can have a great win rate in trading. Never try to deal with the market with a low win rate as it makes the trading process much more complicated.

Profit factors

You might be thinking about how much money you can earn from this market. The professional usually makes 5-10%+ profit per month. So, use the simple mathematical calculation and find out how much money you need to support your family. If the number of too big, you must increase the size of your capital. But this should be done professionally. Borrowing money from other people to trade the market is a very big mistake. This is one of the most common reasons why rookies are losing money in trading.

The rookies might not be able to earn so much profit for the first few years. They should be happy with a 2-3% profit per month. Once they become good at analyzing the profit factor, they can easily scale up the size of their account balance.


There is no fixed rule to investing money at trading. But stop investing money that you can’t lose in trading. If we talk about the rule of thumb, it is imperative to invest at least $2000 at the initial stage. Anything less than that will force you to overtrade. Once you start overtrading, you are going to have a very long journey towards success.