AlRaedah Finance and Sure Global Tech seal agreement providing POS Financing Across the Kingdom

26th February 2020  – Riyadh –   AlRaedah Finance and Sure Global Tech today signed an agreement for providing Point of Sale (POS) financing to SME’s across the Kingdom. Representing AlRaedah Finance, Paul Melotto, AlRaedah CEO, signed the agreement alongside Sure Global Tech  CEO, Basem Bn Abdullah Alsallom.  The Agreement brings together two industry leaders in providing a unique first of a kind financing solution to SME’s. The signing ceremony took place on the 26th of February 2020, at the MEFTECH conference hosted at the Riyadh Ritz Carlton Hotel.

POS Financing is one of the most innovative products in alternative business finance.  Put simply, it uses the business’s POS terminal to ‘secure’ short term lending — perfect for businesses without many assets, but who have a good volume of credit/debit card transactions every month. SME business owners taking advantage of POS Financing won’t have monthly payments. Instead, repayment is automatic and taken from their daily credit/debit card processing settlements. It’s simple, easy and affordable because repayment is a fixed percentage of POS transactions, and not a fixed Riyal amount. Hence, when POS sales are high, the merchant repays more; when they’re lower, they repay less.

“We have seen other POS financing-related products in the market and they were clearly often one-sided in favor of the Banks so we have tried leveling the playing field to make this product a win-win for both the SME and Financial Institution.”, said Paul Melotto, AlRaedah CEO.

The amount a business can apply for is determined by their average credit/debit card sales. AlRaedah Finance, by way of its advanced Artificial Intelligence models along with AlRaedah’s Financing platform allows it to quickly analyze data and avail funds ranging from SR50,000 to SR500,000 to approved SMEs.

Basem bin Abdullah Alsallom, Sure CEO, said that Sure Global Tech is excited to team up with AlRaedah in leading the digital transformation through effective business and digital solutions. Since the establishment of the company in 2004, Sure Global Tech has been keen on providing different governmental and private bodies with the best digital solutions as a part of its contribution in the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey.

“We are excited that Sure Global Tech has decided to use AlRaedah finance platform to provide financing to their clients” said Abdulaziz Aldawood, AlRaedah Chief Commercial Officer.

Paul added, “We are already working on enhancement to the product based on the feedback of our initial pilot group of SMEs and will continue to provide the Saudi market with new and innovative financing solutions”.

At times, it might be tough for small businesses to get funding through traditional financing. AlRaedah Point of Sale POS Finance Program, in collaboration with SURE Global Tech is the solution. With approval rates of 85%, a simple application, minimal documentation and no guarantors, SME’s can get their financing in a matter of days to grow their business.

About AlRaedah Finance

AlRaedah Finance is the pioneer of bespoke solutions for small and medium sized enterprises, (“SMEs”) seeking to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Since its establishment in 2014, AlRaedah has become the principal financing institution for SMEs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our success is built on our simple, transparent process, our in-depth understanding of the local market, and our flexible financing programs.

AlRaedah Finance offers the most extensive coverage for Sharia’h compliant financing solutions within the Kingdom, with its headquarters located in Riyadh, a branch office in Burayda, and aggressive expansion plans. Our ease of accessibility ensures that we maintain our position within the financial services sector.

About Sure Global Tech  

Since its 2004 inception, Sure Global Tech has developed Saudi expertise with international standards to provide technological and consultative solutions for a considerable number of public and private organizations in the country. By national talents, Sure provides services of software development, infrastructure, support and operation along with the digital transformation consultations and other SME-oriented products. Recently, Sure advanced two new fields i.e. FinTech which is embodied by its new company “SurePay”; and investing in promising startups.