Unholy Path

Deplatforming is alive and kicking, and apparently not affected by the pandemic. Controversial US filmmaker Michael Moore was loudly booed after the release of his latest documentary in which he questions the dogmas surrounding climate change. The film was met with cries of shame and calls to outlaw its showing.

Planet of the Humans, available for free on YouTube, wants to showcase the hypocrisy of the green movement and dispel its myths. If the documentary succeeds in doing so or not is rather beside the point as one would rather leave that judgment to viewers.

Much more telling is the almost hysterical fanaticism displayed by those who proclaim to worry about our orb’s future. In what amounts to mob rule, Mr Moore is being silenced not with argued reason but by a large posse demanding he just shut up. Whilst calling for his blood, figuratively one hopes, those offended by the documentary seem to have missed the point Mr Moore is trying to make, namely that the environmental movement has sold its soul to big business.

Planet of the Humans also tries to engage with the proverbial 800-pound gorilla that stalks the planet but remains ignored by most: global overpopulation. The filmmaker argues that the transition from carbon-based energy sources to renewables merely tries to lessen the environmental impact of an economic model that can only exist be the grace of perpetual growth. The smaller ecological footprint so obtained may then free up room for yet more growth and larger populations. Mr Moore doesn’t think this way of life is sustainable and advocates for more profound change.

The exceptionally strong backlash against a heretic trying to question established truths shows the worrisome nature of the global environmental movement which has come to resemble a religion in the way it supresses dissent. Whilst nobody seriously disputes the gravity of the earth’s predicament, not even Mr Moore, the banning of free thought sets the ecologically self-righteous on an unholy path to hell – a reportedly very hot place.