5 Skills Needed for Success in International Business

5 Skills Needed for Success in International Business
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International business is so much more involved and politically charged than it was even a decade ago. The need for a unique set of soft skills to help you navigate the international scene has become essential. While you still need to be an efficient negotiator and have analytical skills, the more subtle skill set will make a difference to your success. 

To remain competitive on the international stage, new graduates must have critical soft skills to help them relate to their colleagues and clients. Corporate management is still looking for those that excel at the technical skills but are also interested in candidates that are proficient in networking, adaptive thinking, and collaboration.

With inclusive programs from MBA Discovery, future business associates will learn how to adapt to the changing world of business. Let’s take a look at a few of the crucial soft skills that will help you succeed in international business.

Cross-Cultural Communication

Thanks to the reach of the internet and the convenience of modern travel, companies are doing business across the world. Your role in any industry will include working within a diverse environment. Finding ways to communicate across cultural lines effectively is essential to your success. You will need to keep an open mind, respect differences, and have a high level of appreciation for different cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs. 

Networking Abilities

Developing a collaborative network outside of your home country is essential to success in today’s business world. When you have a strong international network, you are often afforded opportunities you would never have otherwise. Online platforms like Linked In make networking across the globe an easy task. Making lasting connections requires diplomacy, excellent listening skills, and mastering your elevator pitch to be sensitive to all cultures. 

Adaptive Thinking

To be an effective adaptive thinker, you must hone your skills, including tact, impulse control, and humility. Having the ability to think outside of the box can help you to thrive in any international environment. When things change quickly, adaptive thinkers can control their impulses and come forward with a thoughtful solution. 


You need to be mentally tough and need to be able to bounce back from the long hours and regular travel that a career in international business demands. Changing time zones, long meetings, and late hours can take a toll. You need to build up your resiliency to be at your best with your international colleagues and clients. 

Emotional Intelligence

Becoming a self-aware and confident business person will help you in your international dealings. Being able to control your emotions in various tense and serious situations will gain you respect from your peers and customers. Strong empathetic skills, a listening ear, and flexibility are all critical aspects of emotional intelligence.

If you are entering the realm of international business, you need to up your game to succeed. Strengthening your soft skills, including your networking abilities, being an adaptive thinker, heightening your emotional intelligence, and increasing your resiliency can assist you in becoming a successful international businessperson.